Monday, May 31, 2010

Creating Marble Chipboard with Paint

I picked up these plain CHIPBOARD alphabets from Kaisercraft from SCRAPBOOK STAR. They come in all shapes and sizes, UPPER CASE to use as nice BIG stand out initials and smaller one word titles and, and LOWERCASE to use in all circumstances.

I’ve had a chance to play around with these chipboard alphabets and all I can say is that they are great because of the fact that they are a clean slate from which to play. You can make them any colour, use products such as ink, embossing powder, glitter, UTEE, paint, or cover them with patterned paper.

Here is just one way you can alter your chipboard alphabets by creating a marble appearance.

Step 1:
Gather your supplies.
• Kaisercraft Chipboard Letters
• Ranger Paint Dabbers (Pool and Bottle)
• Cream coloured acrylic paint
• Paint Brush
• Glossy Coat (optional)

Step 2:
Apply a coat of Bottle paint by dabbing it onto the chipboard. Because of the scrubby applicator on the Ranger Dabber, you will get some texture on the chipboard. For a smooth, non-textured look, you can use a swiping motion.

Step 3:
Apply small dabs only of the light colour paint (POOL), until you get the desired look. If you applied too much, start over again with the darker colour (BOTTLE) and try again. Paint is forgiving this way!

Step 4:
With a paint brush, apply small strokes to the outer edges of the chipboard letter, going from the outside, in. OPTIONAL – apply a spray coating that will make your letters glossy, Mod Podge, or apply Ranger’s Glossy Accents.

Patterned Paper – KAISERCRAFT Rosa (Gypsy Sisters), Nadia (Gypsy Sisters)
Chipboard Alphabets – KAISERCRAFT Large Lowercase
Mini Alpha Stickers – KAISERCARFT Black
Triple Thick Glaze (applied to letters on layout)
Thanks for stopping by!  Let me know if you end up trying this - I would love to see your results.


Friday, May 28, 2010

Drip, Drop, and Run Technique

OK - this is for all you Distress Ink Fans. I envisioned that this technique would work before I tried it, knowing how these inks react with water. It is KEY to use watercolor paper with this technique, as it can withstand the amount of water you will subject it to.

Ranger Distress Inks (Broken China, Peeled Paint, Dusty Concord)
Watercolor Paper 140 (Pound)

1. Cut watercolor paper 9" x 9".
2. With ruler and pencil, create 3" squares to a total of 9 squares.
3. Take 3 coordinating Distress Ink colors and apply the pads direct to paper, varying be sure to place different colors beside each other.

4. In the sink, apply water to the top of the paper, letting the ink from the first squares drip to the middle and bottom squares.
5. Turn upside down, and repeat step 4.
6. Re-apply ink to the same squares when the paper is still wet.
7. Now turn the paper sideways and apply water, let run down.

8. Now turn the paper again to the last side and apply water, let run.
9. Splat drops of water onto the paper.
10. Let dry and create your project!

If you prefer, you can cut up these squares and use them for cards and all sorts of little projects!

If you try this - I would love it if you would share your creation with me!

Now go and Get MESSY!